Thank You!

We are grateful for the changemakers—individuals and organizations alike—who help us work to help give the Batak Tribe a better future.

Donors and Partners

  • Cheska Amparo

  • Patricia Amparo

  • Fayelenn DeCastro Borromeo

  • Anthony Delgadillo

  • Ronnie Diep

  • Eudora Dou

  • Holly Dawn Dychangco

  • Lang Ear

  • Yolanda Frayre

  • Kevin Huynh

  • Naomi Jacob

  • Sandra Jao

  • Arushi Chowdhury Khanna

  • Darlene Ly

  • Beth MacDonald

  • Lordy Marin

  • Irene Torrisi

  • Cecilia Ng

  • Paul Andelle Ong

  • Dada Premamayananda

  • Malu Reyes

  • Maria Reyes

  • Mayur Singh

  • Irene Torrisi

  • Peter Ung

  • Amiya Velayo

  • Faith Martha Veloro

  • Titha Yang


Batak Craft: Traditional Skills and Livelihood Development for the Batak Tribe of Palawan, Philippines

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