Sitio Tagnaya, Barangay Concepcion

Puerto Princesa Batak Settlement

The Batak at the Sitio Tagnaya, Barangay Concepcion settlement are a relatively small community. Since they’re the nearest to the Batak Center / Museum, they’re the first to be called for cultural performances. The Batak Center also sells baskets and other Batak products (like rainmakers, wooden tops, bow and arrow sets, and honey).

To get there, drop by the Concepcion Barangay Hall before and after the trip to log your names and contact details in their Visitor Log Book–for safety. Also drop by Batak Center if it’s open to ask if someone can accompany you to the settlement. Bring enough fish and canned goods to feed your team and your to-be host family.

  • Rivers to cross: 4
  • Travel Time from Highway:  30 – 45  Minutes
  • Reachable: By Motorcycle; By foot
  • Population: 48 Individuals (2009 CBMS Survey Result)
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Batak Craft: Traditional Skills and Livelihood Development for the Batak Tribe of Palawan, Philippines

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