Sitio Timbuan, Barangay Abaroan

Roxas Batak Settlement

The Batak at the Sitio Timbuan, Barangay Abaroan settlement are the most accessible of all.

To get there from Puerto Princesa, ride a bus or van heading to Roxas or El Nido, and ask to be dropped at the road going to Port Barton at Barangay Abaroan. There’s a waiting shed nearby; you can ask to get a ride from the locals, or if there’s available public transpo which can drop you off at Sitio Timbuan. Drop by Abaroan Barangay Hall before and after the trip to log your names and contact details in their Visitor Log Book–for safety. Bring coffee and bread and anything you can donate when you visit the tribe here, and ask around for Chieftain Felisardo Tugnao.

  • Rivers to cross: None
  • Hours of Travel from Highway:  Half an hour
  • Reachable: By Motorcycle; By foot
  • Population: Unknown
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Batak Craft: Traditional Skills and Livelihood Development for the Batak Tribe of Palawan, Philippines

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