How would you like to…

  • Finally achieve the goals you’ve been putting on your Yearly Resolutions list? You know — those 2016 Resolution goals that, when you look at them at year’s end — you realize you’ve totally forgotten about them or failed to achieve them for the year?

  • Feel damn proud of yourself for the things you’ve accomplished in a span of one year, because you finally committed to your goals?

  • Discover an entirely new version of yourself as you review your journal on New Year’s Eve, because your year has been filled with 360-degree changes (for better and for worse, but more for better)? Every year’s ceiling becomes the succeeding year’s floor, as Lewis Howes put it. Exponential change, you!


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Sound Familiar?

  • You’re tired of “drifting” into life and taking days as they come. Life is running you instead of you running it. You realize you’ve been wasting time for so long all because you didn’t have a plan, and/or you didn’t clearly know what you want. What do you really want?

  • Speaking of wanting — you want so many things in life because you’re a multi-passionate human being with big dreams. Sometimes the gift becomes the curse, and you get overwhelmed by all the things that you feel you should have achieved by now.

  • Last 2016, you thought this was the year you were gonna make it happen. By November and December, you wonder — “Did I make my resolutions come true this year?” Or maybe – you don’t remember your goals and forget you even had them.

  • You’re thinking, “2017 is the year I will make it happen.” You’re excited, it’s a new year, there are plenty of new opportunities to start over.

With the Changemaker's Journal, you get:

  • A comprehensive journal with the exact prompts so you can get that much-needed clarity for a purposeful year. The Changemaker’s journal is hands-on and action-based, that you’ve got no more excuse to put tasks and ideas aside, or file them on an imaginary “Read Later” cabinet (which is code for “prob’ly never getting back to this again”).

  • Strategically-designed challenges and personal dares to set you in motion, so you can finally move into the next level of your life.

  • A structural template / blueprint which contains deep-dive questions to activate your mind, so you can hunt for answers to your most difficult life questions. You see, all your answers are already out there, if you just calibrate your brain to see them.

  • A framework for designing your life around your values, so you can live in alignment to what you really stand for.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

The Changemaker’s Journal is for anyone and everyone who wants to live a purposeful life as a changemaker. The Journal begins from inner-looking exercises so you can gain more awareness of yourself and your values, as well as an audit of your existing life accounts. As you make your way through 2017, it progresses through more outward-looking challenges to help you move through every next level of your life with more clarity and grace.

How do I use this journal?

As long as you have the free version of Adobe Acrobat installed in your computer, you can choose to print The Changemaker’s Journal at home or fill it out on your computer. Science says it takes 66 Days to Build a Habit, so we recommend journaling daily for better chances at steady progress throughout the year. You said 2017 is going to be The Year, right? So let’s get crankin’.

What will I receive?

When you pre-order The Changemaker’s Journal, you’ll receive a Welcome Email from us confirming your order. Then on Launch Day, you’ll receive the journal in print-ready, interactive PDF format via email.

What’s the refund policy?

If you changed your mind with your order, please contact us at SUPPORT@CULTUREMOVERS.COM before the release date so we can issue your refund. Orders made past the release date can’t be refunded as The Changemaker’s Journal is a digital download.

The Changemaker's Journal

Coming August 30, 2017